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Hello! My name is Julia.

I like capturing moments of existence and playing with pixels. As a photographer and graphic designer, I aspire to do creative good.


I have three goals:


  1. Bring your creative vision to life

  2. Help your company or organization live out its mission, vision, and values through effective communication and design. 

  3. Apply my passion for photography and design to a wide array of projects and initiatives

Connect with me on LinkedIn here, and 'Like' Julia Eckart Photography on Facebook here.

Send me your inquiries in the form below. I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for reaching out! I will be in touch within the next two business days.

Pasttimes Include

- Long bike rides around the parkway and lakes 

- Listening to MPR

- Creating new recipes

- Journaling

- Dancing and seeing live music

- Sending snail mail

- Cheering up friends

- Meeting new people

- Eating too much ice cream

- Taking resourcefulness to new heights!

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